My laser is going to "BUSY" when I try to engrave or cut things my machine is a Kentok 400x400 can anyone tell me why this happens?

my kentok laser has just started telling me it is busy when I try to engrave or cut a project. does anyone know of a way to get it to work. I have tried a new usb cable, uninstalling it and then reinstalling but still the same.

You may need to close LightBurn, turn your laser off and on again, restart LightBurn, and then manually select the correct COM port from the drop down menu in the Laser window.

You’ll see a response in your ‘Console’ window when you’ve selected the correct port.

If you’re still unable to connect, make sure your USB connection is firmly seated, and try a different, higher quality USB. If you’re using any USB hubs or extenders, take them out of line.