My Laser is not burning dark

HI there

Im new using Laser Engraver, so im come across with gray-scale images.

For some reason, the dark color is blank when etching the wood for example. i already play with laser speed, up and down the power, and um getting the same results.

Im learning Lightburn and when i done the image preview, is showing the same kind of blank in black color, when i zoom in. Cloud someone tell me what i doing wrong, please?

Need to post images of the results you’re getting. The preview window isn’t meant to be representative of how an image will look on a material. It’s just there to show the path the laser takes.


Yes of course

I just notice in the preview, more and less the samething. Where should to be dark (black) is not burning. And ome reason too, the speed of the laser doenst up or down engraving, even i setup higher speed in Lightburn…

Thank you in Advance

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