My Laser is printing out mirrored

No matter which way I try to set the origin it always comes out mirrored and rotated 90 degrees clockwise. When I place a shape at the bottom left corner it with frame it in the bottom left, but when i try to move it to the top left, my engraver frames it on the bottom right side. I am using a ender-3 s1 pro with the laser engraver attachment.

There are only four options. The machines origin (operational quadrant) is generally not user defined. You need to tell Lightburn which corner is the machines origin.

Most of these ssl are front/left. It should home on startup. Whichever corner that is, is what should be reflected in the device settings.

If the machine is operating in quadrant I, but Lightburn thinks it’s quadrant III, the image will be flipped or reoriented based on the machines actual operating quadrant.

Make sense?


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