My laser is sometimes stuttering and making a grinding noise

So I use LightBurn and I have a FOKOOS FE20 laser, and it has been stuttering a lot lately. It will either stutter, or make a loud kind of grinding noise, sometimes go the opposite direction it’s supposed to go during framing, will sometimes stop and I’ll have to turn it off and close the software, and will even sometimes turn the laser off. My brother thinks it may be the motor, but I’m of course hoping it is something easily resolvable instead. It started happening a lot for no reason. It will frame fine multiple times sometimes and then it won’t, so i don’t think it would be a problem with the belts. I have tighter everything good and I have the belt’s tightened good, but not too much. I have a time limit because I have to get product done and can’t really afford to buy another laser engraver when I think I could possibly get this one functioning with the right help and advice of others. My software is up to date. Please help and respond to me as soon as possible, thank you!

In the console tab of the cut/layers window you can get the error messages from your grbl controller. So if it is detecting an issue it will display it. Since it’s going out of bounds, it’s pretty clear it’s not being detected by the controller, so we need to look at how the machine is setup.

Did you follow the Lightburn Standard grbl setup?

The Coordinate and Job Origin needs to be understood…

It doesn’t appear that machine has home/limit switches, correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. how do you power it up and what does it do?
    a. in the console will be a boot message, can you cut/past it here…
  2. do you place the head in a location that will be home?
  3. if possible post the problem artwork and a screenshot of your cut/layer

One of the others, more familiar with grbl machines will probably give you something more useful, but these questions will probably be asked.