My laser not cutting

Hello, please I’m a newbie on Lightburn and engraving machines.
I recently got one engraving machine, a VEVOR 5W. I successfully assembled /setup the machine and everything is working well as expected, however, whenever I send a job for cutting or burning, the laser head moves but does not show the laser light and as a result, it does not burn.
Please I need serious help. What else can I do?

In the console box can you type $$ and paste results.
Also type $I in console window and paste.

I have done that. see the result below:





































Please I need your help. Thank you

You are most likely setting your speed too high. Check the units you’re using, and make sure you are not commanding your laser to run faster than 6000 mm/minutes — that’s the highest speed it can travel at, based on the firmware settings you shared.

Be sure to pay attention to the units you’re using in LightBurn. A given value in mm/second is much faster than the same numeric value in mm/minute.

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