My laser won’t connect to my computer any more

My laser won’t connect to the laptop for some reason and I’m not sure why. When I plug it into the MacBook it will find the laser and state it’s connected but when I plug it into the laptop it just says disconnect and next to where it says devices it normally says cu(something) and now it just states choose but doesn’t give any options. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled with additional drivers and unsure what to do next. Hopefully someone can please help.

Kind regards

Ruidas are DSP and I see that it says GRBL in the bottom right corner. Do you have a Ruida in your devices list? EDIT I just looked at your profile and it says NEJE, so I was confused that it was in the Ruida controllers’ section.

I clicked the wrong topic.

The choose are will not change any more and the device won’t connect to the laptop at all

It doesn’t make a noise when you plug in the USB cable? (I’m on a Windows based PC so I don’t have any experience with Mac’s). Are you saying that you have two different computers, and it works with one and not the other?

The max license ran out so I can’t use that one but it still moves about and can home and frame but when plugged into the laptop there’s nothings. I’ve connected other items into the laptop USB ports and they work just not the laser.

Does anything show up in Device Manager on the windows machine when you plug in the USB cable for your laser? Anything show up in Ports (COM & LPT)?

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