My Lightburn framing and my Ruida framing do not match

Hi all, I just bought my laser. I am learning how to set my artwork up in Lightburn and before I cut, I used my Framing option to make sure my artwork and materials were in the right positions. When I hit the Framing button in Lightburn, my laser framed everything perfectly and the cut came out correct but when I went to do another cut and decided to frame it from the controls of my laser. The framing was completely different. Just for the heck of it, I went right back to Lightburn and hit the Framing to see what would happen and it framed my artwork perfectly again. Do you guys have any ideas why this would be happening? Thanks a million!

If you have a file in the Ruida buffer assigned as active, the controller button will frame that job. Using the frame button on LB will frame the one in your program screen, not the one in the Ruida buffer. Can you make that association? One way to determine this is to erase the buffer of stored files in the controller, then press the buttons.

Fred is correct here - the Frame button in LightBurn frames the job loaded into the software, not the controller. The frame button on the controller itself will run the frame for whatever job is currently loaded into the controller. If you haven’t sent the file yet, it will be framing whatever was there before.

Thanks you guys! I usually just hit the “Start” button in Lightburn to cut the job. But that is different than the “Send To” button? What button do I have to hit to clear the job that is stored in my laser cutter? Also is it possible to start a job with the “Current Position” setting and if I want to make that cut again, can I switch that setting to “User Origin” right after the first cut?

‘Start’ will transfer the job to the controller as a temporary file, and as soon as “enough” of the file is sent, it starts running.

‘Send’ will transfer the entire file to the controller with a name, and you have to manually start it from the controller when it’s done.

The ‘Send’ version is a little more robust, particularly for complicated files like high-DPI images, or things that engrave really fast. In that case, having the controller still receiving the file while it’s trying to run it can be too taxing and cause skips.

If you want to repeat a job, don’t change the origin mode. When a file in ‘Current position’ mode completes, it goes back to where you started it, so if you need to do it again you can. If you stop it before it’s done, it should still go back to that spot.

Okay, that is good to know! Thank you!

So is the only difference between “Current Position” and “User Origin” is hitting the “Origin” button after setting the “User Origin” option? I don’t have an “Origin” button in my Lightburn interface so I guess I set that option on the Ruida control panel?

Ruida doesn’t let us set the origin point from software, which is why you don’t get the button in the software, but yes, that’s really the only difference. That and the User Origin will survive a reset in the controller.

Thanks Oz! Can I ask you one more question? I just tried to cut a job that I created in Illustrator CS5. It imported nicely and cut nice except some lines didn’t completely cut at their corners. The corners that I am having trouble with are not angled at 90 degrees. Do you have any idea what that might be about?

You have not provided enough for us to supply you with a definitive answer. I could guess, maybe the speed of this job is set below the threshold set in the controller.

Only a guess.

Your guess was spot on! Thanks a million!

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