My MacBook Pro Doesn´t Connect to the K40

Hi… I have a K40 Laser machine. I updated its main board to a Smotthie and then downloaded LightBurn and It was working perfectly.
I have a MacBook Pro running Monterrey 12.2.1.
Then, one day the computer just didné recognize the laser machine anymore.
I connected to a windows computer and it recognizes the laser (I don´t have LB on that machine baceuse is very old and slow) I just wanted to see if the laser was reconigzable… and it was.

Thanks in advance.

Can you make sure that the correct port is select in the Port field in Laser window? It should be between the Devices button and the name of your laser.

hi! I have two options there… and I´ve tried with both of them and nothing happens

I just downloaded LB to my old windows laptop and it doesnt recognize either the laser. I mean… at least the computer makes that sund when a usb device is connected but LB does not recognize… So I think it has something to do with a Driver maybe???

First confirm that you’re getting a proper usb serial port made available by the OS.

in Mac:

ls /dev/*usb*/

in Windows check Device Manager.

If the port is available but you’re unable to connect there may be something wrong with the board. Are you getting any message in Console?

Can you take a screenshot of the available ports in LightBurn?

Captura de Pantalla 2022-06-13 a la(s) 5.28.03 p.m.

in Console keeps saying waiting for connection…

Where shoul I tape those commands?

Neither of those two options are showing a USB serial port which indicates that the operating system is either not detecting a device or not providing a port.

Has anything recently changed on your system? OS upgrade possibly?

Check System Report->Hardware->USB and see if the laser is detected as a device.

Do you get a port assigned in Windows?

You would need to open a Terminal window in MacOS.

ok… I´m gonna check the mac… for the windows i dont have any at all

For this one… says no matches found… and in the system report… USB… doesnt show tha laser

I´m not sure if there was an update… I dont think so as I have them manually set up

Does your machine come alive when turned on and home appropriately? It seems like it’s not being detected by your computer.

Are you connecting directly from laser to computer or is it connected through a hub?

Try a different USB cable and a different port on the computer if available.

Also check Windows Device Manager to see if the laser shows up as a port there.

At this point need to determine if the issue is with the controller, the cable, or the computer. LightBurn will have no chance of connecting if the controller is not showing up as a port on the OS.

Typo? I’m thinking you want this first version

jack@Kilo:~$ ls /dev/*USB*

Not this...

jack@Kilo:~$ ls /dev/*USB*/
ls: cannot access '/dev/*USB*/': No such file or directory


no… it doesn´t do anything at all… yeah… is not being detected.
I´m connecting throug the blue original cable that comes with the machine using an adapter to the port of the computer. But…its the same i was using before stop working.

I´m going to try another cables and the other port

Good call. Typo on my part.

@VeneCraft You may want to run the revised command.

ok ok…i´ll try it

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