My machine will not jog or home after new update

I downloaded the update to my 2nd computer and I am still using an older version on the 1st computer. Both computers will execute when I press the start button but the updated version will not jog or home my machine.

Are there any new settings I need to be looking for in the updated version.

There was an issue on the initial 0.9.08 and 0.9.09 release with jogging on GRBL. What controller type and firmware are you using @Badillion ?
Any Grbl jog issues should be fine if you update to the latest download.

i am using GRBL. I will try to re-install it. Thanks for the help.

Ok, yeah. New version should fix the jog issue. Definitely let me know if homing is still an issue. Not sure why that would’ve been a problem.

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