MY NEJE disconnected with Light burn and not getting connecting again

Hi, My NEJE was connected to Lightburn and was functioning well but suddenly it get disconnected and not getting connect again, I tried to reboot my Mac, remove the device add it again but still nothing working.
I am using MAC and not able to understand what went wrong suddnley, I tried to connect it with my windows as well that didn’t work either, before it get disconnected it has given a issue of going back to home i mean it was not humming, and then it stopped.

I turned off the power and turned it on again, it connected but it is giving me error, Homing cycle not enabled

I have read one article showing $22=1 will make homing cycle enabled and its done

Hi it is giving same issue today again, I tried to turn it On and Off but not getting connected. It is being connected with NEJE app, but not getting connected with Lightburn, showing same error, Waiting for connection

Make sure the NEJE app is not connected to your laser when you try to connect using LightBurn, or LightBurn will be unable to connect.

You may also need to select the correct Serial Port from the drop down menu in the Laser window in order to connect.

More information here:

Thanks for reply, i did make sure that it was not connected with NEJE app, somehow yesterday i was able to connect it again, as it was showing another error, as machine is not in GRBL mode after connecting with NEJE app, then i pressed button on the machine panels and it worked somehow, but i am not getting why initially it is showing sometime as waiting for connection.

Check your laser settings: