My output image suddenly mirrored

Hi, I have burned serveral vector images where everything was correct. But suddenly, the laser started to mirror the image. I have tried to set different origins, both in the top left corner (the image on the screen is mirrored on the monitor) and also in the left bottom corner (the image is correct on the monitor). No matter what i try, and change the origin to all 4 positions, the burned output is mirrored. The only difference is where the image is positioned on the wooden board. I’m using a XTool D1 Pro 20W and I have downloaded the XTool configuration file, updated the firmware and also updated Lightburn. Please help…

This might not be the ideal solution but it solves it?

You may have bumped the Origin setting.

You may also want to look at the Start from: setting and Job Origin setting in the Laser window.

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Is your rotary enabled?

There is an option in the rotary setup to Mirror Output. If the text appears on screen right reading, but it’s mirrored on the burn, it may be this option in the rotary setup.

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