these go with my just got home post


I think that these posts go here. Not having any pc trouble, have not made anything yet to show in awhile,
but I am upgrading everything. Does that count?

here is pics of clear case, train case and house alarm system.


Looks great… It would look neat done in acrylic…


These look great! If you’re willing to share files for the Pi case, I can think of several colleagues that would love to make something like that.

raises hand me please.

hello Jack, Ray &Collin:
First of all I made a mistake, I ordered the cases from
The pi hut and not Raspberry. My bad !! Anyway here are the files just like I got them ! (LOL) This pic shows all the files.

Next pic is files for the Bell-Aire case

Next is all the files.

And finally on the far right is the train files.

While sittting here having fun with the files, the “THOUGHT” just hit me on getting these files to you, (and everyone else), Lets take the train, the entire train is cut out of 5 boards that are all 150mm X 224mm. I’ll take each board, copy it in the copier to file and then to lightburn and cut them out. Only you will have to figure out the cutting / burning temps. I’ll also post the instructions. And I’ll do the same with the bell aire. OH ! I forgot to say that bought the train off Etsy from an outfit called “C4 Labs”. They have a site with a lot cool stuff.

Well I need to try to fix a boo boo that I made trying to install a partition in a brand new SSD. Had my head where it did not belong. I think that I know how I messed up and when, just don’t know how to fit it yet. And I still have 3 pis, 3 micro SDs and 3 SSDs
to go. What have I gotten myself into ???
OOPs, bought the train from FlashPopUp in Etsy. I can’t remember anything nowdays !!

your right, I like opaque light blue. I don’t know if you have seen the pics of the train parts or not but I just posted the pics of the instructions. When I previewed them they looked good. After posting, they are all upside down, LOL Let me know what you think.

Hi Randy - while we appreciate the effort involved to post all of that, our intent was “please share if this is your design” not “please publicly post this paid-for design”

We don’t condone piracy of any sort, and as such I have removed the detailed posts with images to discourage misuse. The link to the design is plenty enough, thank you.

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