My Recommendation for a "Wind" solenoid

A topic that came up for discussion on the sun-setting FB group involved solenoid connection and usage for a Ruida controller. I wanted to bring this over into the new forum and post here my value-play $7 DIGITEN 24V 1/4" Inlet Feed Water Solenoid Valve. This thing has worked flawlessly for me for over a year now. It draws only 200mA (4.8W @ 24v) and can be directly connected to the controller.

I further regulate my air from my shop system 95 PSI at the laser down to about 20 PSI prior to the solenoid.

Wow nice! I always wondered but never really looked into how I could add air assist to my rig. I guess this would be the easy way to go :slight_smile: Right now I have a pressure regulator in line to do this manually, but I guess this would essentially remove that?

Maybe. You will still need to regulate the incoming pressure to something reasonable. The solenoid is on/off only.

So the true benefit is that it will start and stop at beginning and end rather than having to flip a switch eh?


Yes, it puts the assist under software control.


Yes. The more things you can programmatically control, the less likely you will forget. :slight_smile:

Gone are the days when I had to realize I forgot to open the valve to turn on the air. Never again does my air just continue to run until I finally go back to the machine and shut off the valve. Eliminate that stress and check list item on that imaginary 20 point check list of items we go through in our head before starting that job on $100 material. Say farewell to those times when you find your work flaming up all because of forgetting to “break wind” lol.


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Great suggestion … my only issue is my tubing currently on my system is 6mm … are there reducers that go from 6mm to 1/4" ?

It’ll also prevent your tank from draining while sitting idle. Wont be wasteful and you won’t have to hear it as much.

I personally recommend these for high pressure air but I’m sure the other option works:

and this for 6mm tubing

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Also we are using this valve and it works perfectly, the new version also has a red LED that indicates its operation.
Model: Solenoid_Valve_2V025-08

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Thank You for the update … will be ordering 2V025-08 :slight_smile:


Cloudray now has a kit with all the parts and schematics to set up Russ Sadler’s Ultimate air assist [which is… the ultimate] for $60.