My Rotary Roller Unit

Just finished my Rotary unit during this lockdown. No 3D printed parts. All machined from Aluminium bar and plate. Looking forward to trying it out very soon.

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Did you machine that 4020 too?

Very clean and shiny? Show us a photo of that beauty in action.



Hey Paul,
I made something similar (with 3D-printed parts). I ran into the issue that the acceleration and rapid speed for the Y-axis is way too high for a single wheel set (the bottle slips). I added a second set of wheels some 80mm further. That helped and manually setting slower speeds in device settings too.
Are you experiencing something similar with your setup?
I would like to see separate acceleration- and speed settings for the Y-axis in the rotary setup.


very nice indeed.

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Hi Walter.
I have not used my setup or laser for a little while due to other projects but I did do a test on a bottle. In answer to your question, yes it does spin a little fast at the start of the lasering. It’s ok when initialising where it rotates slowly but when the program starts it does jump a bit. I have not investigated it further yet but I too was hoping I could change the settings for the U axis which is what I use for the rotary.

That looks really nice and clean.