My Second Laptop Engraving

Here is the second laptop I have logoed. I did my laptop a couple of days ago, and posted in the Community Laser Talk forum. I had to do two passes, even though I burned hotter than I did on mine. They are different colors and manufacturers, so both can be a factor. Bottom line is that I think it looks great, the DJ liked it.


Looks really great. What settings have you used?

I tried but failed to do it in one pass. I did the first pass at 3000mm/min and 60% power, then another pass at 50% power. My silver laptop would have been good with one pass at 60%. I don’t know if it is the color difference, or just painted thicker. The underneath is white on my silver laptop, this came out goldish. I’ve only done two, but it appears that you don’t know what’s underneath, until you know.