My system is screwed up

I write my settings to the controller,
as soon as I power off and then back on.
It reverts back to 10000 x 10000 x 3000

Those are the default settings when the controller has not completed the homing sequence.

Make sure homing is enabled on at least the X and Y axes, their initial motion is toward the switches, and the switches actuate correctly.

You must also set the XYZ maximum travel limits correctly so the controller can prevent out-of-bounds motion.

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you must have not understood ,
it homes ,
but when the power is cycled it reverts back to 10000 x 10000 x 3000
it does not retain the settings.?

Sorry ,
it goes through the homing process and my settings are set 700mm x 500mm doesn’t have z enabled homing is enabled but when power is cycled it will crash,it will not keep the setting .
and yes i have read and wrote the proper settings to the controller.

That is, alas, often the case. Generally, it’s because I make an assumption that turns out to be completely wrong.

Allow me to ask some questions with answers that may seem obvious to you, but will help all of us understand what you’re seeing.

What should happen:

  • Turn the power on
  • Controller homes both X and Y axes to rear right corner
  • Laser head remains at the home position

I assume the home switches are located in the rear right corner. Is that the case?

Does the head initially start traveling toward the home switches?

Where is the head when it “crashes”?

Does the same thing happen when you press the Reset button on the machine’s display?

Include screen captures of the Edit → Machine Settings values for the X and Y axes, so we can see the initial values. Don’t change anything after the crash.

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changed controller all is fine now

Thanks for the update.

IIRC, that’s the third bad Ruida controller we’ve learned of in recent months; they must have had an ugly production crash.

I’m curious if a firmware update could alleviate some of the symptoms.

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