My tabs window is no longer attached

Why would my layer tabs not be attached?
I cant get to back in place.
This is a screenshot of 2 monitors.

It just wont go back in place

Not sure I am really understanding correctly, however if you want the layout to go back to default …

‘Windows’ drop down menu then top option ‘Reset to default layout’

I have no idea what’s going on, but now my selection tabs on the bottom are gone.

Where can I find a tutorial on the layout?

Your screenshot is not what I expected either, did you reset to the default layout ?

The following is taken from the online documentation:

Reset the window layout:email:

Sometimes a window gets shoved off the screen or positioned in a way that makes it hard to find, or move. You can reset the window layout in LightBurn in two different ways:

  • In the Window menu, choose “Reset to default layout”. This will undock all windows, and re-dock them in the default order.
  • If that doesn’t do it, restart LightBurn while holding the +shift++ - this skips restoring the saved window layout, and always works.

WOW, I’ve got nothing but problems since I downloaded the newest version
Now my preview doesn’t work and the laser will not start.
How can I go back to the previous version?

Here are the previous versions

Thank you…

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