My very first Norton's Tile tatooing technique

Tuning up for best speeds/power/dpi/dither modes on a 150x150mm unglazed tile. very first tries.
2X glossy white. 40W CO2, Smoothie Cluster, BTT SKR 1.3 controller. I would greatly appreciate Any tips and tricks that will help me climb the shoulders of giants.

Paint used

Original images

Fill Engraving

removing paint with Acetone to check the engraving quality and durability.

Fine tuning my settings. looks like 150mms/50% power/300 dpi/Jarvis came out best of all.

Still searching for glazed tiles but they are expensive here (like everything else around here - all art stores ripping us off :slight_smile: ) i think i found some but in a different city than where i am now - 30 min drive and i think each 100x100mm are about $2 each. yes, i know, told you…


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It seems I am not that lucky with glazed tiles.
I will continue my tests next week but this same image i tried to engrave on a glazed tile came out not as nice. blacks came out somewhat dim and not as black as in this unglazed tile i practice on.