My viking leather bag

Designed and made everything my self using lightburn and my co2 laser. The brass bits i burnt off paint to make a resist and then acid etched it. Really happy how it turned out.


never thought about using paint as a masking agent for acid etching. I learn something new every day

Oooh!!! That is such a clever idea with the brass etching! What sort of paint did you use?

The whole bag is lovely!! Well done!

That’s how I did this for my late sister and her husband:

I just used automotive black aerosol then etched in Ferric Chloride sol’n. That isn’t the final item as it requires further polishing.


thx ive found that cheap black spray cans are the best to use. cant rember the name but was £5.99 from toolstation

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I’ll have to give that a try, we’ve got a Toolstation (right next door to Screwfix!) where I live.

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Daangg!!! That’s lovely!! :smiley: What solvent did you use for removing the paint after?

Thank you!

i use isopropanol to clean after the burn. then acetone to clean paint off after the ferric Chloride bath.

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Industrial Spray Paint 500ml Satin Black

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Thanks for the additional info, I found it right after posting last night.

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Thanks, yes I’m quite pleased with it :smiley: I used xylene to remove the paint after engraving but you could use any one of a number of organic solvents such as acetone, MEK or ethyl acetate etc.

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Very nice work.

thx my 1st time making anything like this )) . normally done stuff with baltic birch but the price has gone insane. so tryed this i have done keyrings and small stuff with leather. pretty chuffed as i had someone in my reenactment group ask me to make them one.