My way of fine-tuning the camera settings

After I have finished with the internal setup of the camera, where I have hit the 4 targets as best as possible, I use some time for fine-tuning.
I position 5 pieces of wood as in the picture, which make up my test targets.
My biggest problem with this process is the light. Even the lousy original led chain is too bright and my marks burn out. Today I turned off the light and put some duct tape over the light chain, it helps to see the points with the camera but everything else in my workshop is now helplessly dark.

Now I engrave a 2mm circle, 100mm/s 15%, as a target. I update my overview with the camera after I have changed the target layer from fill to line, it gives a nice clear overview of possible deviations.
I fix X and Y and burn a 4mm circle around my original target to see the result. If it’s ok, I’ll burn data from the settings as well. Note that the font size is 2.5.

I am satisfied with the result, but believe that with a better light control I will be able to halve the adjustments.
If only there was an option to turn down the exposure in LightBurn…:wink:

Bottom line, the camera system is suitable for very precise tasks with the laser and LightBurn, - hitting “freehand” the surface of a 6-sided pencil and writing text - is fantastic.

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Is there a way to make an adjustment to do “fine tuning” other than ReRunning the alignment test?

The most important thing, of course, is to get your lens and camera settings done as precisely as possible. Then I fine-tune for the remaining deviations, which are due to different lighting settings or large areas that the camera has to cover with the optical properties that one’s camera has.
In the camera control window you have the option to compensate for various errors. I have good experience with testing the whole bed for errors and then “middle” the adjustments, for normal daily use. Or I use a quarter of the bed with the correction values I have found for this square, if it has to be sub 0.5mm.

Awesome. I cant believe i overlooked that x y shift. Ive been recalibrating before every major job just to be safe… this will definitely save some time. Thank you!

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