My z axis is not working right

This is the first time posting anything on this forum but have received some great tips by searching. Thank you for that.
My issue is that my Z table is way out of wack. For some reason when I hook up my rotatory axis it seems to affect the normal operation when I convert back to the flat table. I am now at the point the my table will only go down and not up. The right arrow of my controller works but the left does not. I have had the table work in both directions if I shut the machine down and then turn it on. I thought it was fixed then but when I went to auto focus the table would move away from the laser. After it was done doing the adjustments my left arrow on the control would not work but the right does (moving the table away from the laser). I’m sorry if this sounds confusing but can anyone provide some kind of thoughts or help?

Thank you!!

Check to make sure you laser is grounded. Ungrounded machines can build up static that plays havoc with electronics.

Make sure that your limit switches aren’t engaged. If your Z allows the table to move down, but not up, it often means the auto-focus switch is triggered, as it also functions as a limit switch.

Assuming it’s a Ruida, you can press the Z/U button on the controller, then go to the Diagnoses+ page to see which switches are pressed.

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I will check that. The machine is only about 3 weeks old… I do have a Ruida controller.
Thank you for the response.

Is there a way to test the push button or clean it on the inside that you know of? I know this is far from your software and is now getting into the mechanics.
Thank you

I couldn’t say - I don’t know what Laguna uses for their switches.

Is it a pen-style switch mounted to the head directly? Similar to this?


These simple switches can fail. You can test it with a meter to see if it has. I would contact the nice folks at Laguna. I have one of their systems and they are great at supporting them.

That is the correct type.

OK… I guess a big lesson learned. I messed around with the laser Z bed and found that only one area of the table would not go up in the Z. I figured I would try to run a program in a different area just to see if it would work.
Mind you I am engraving leather at the time so I am using magnets to hold the piece in place. Well come to find out the magnets must mess with the auto focus. I removed the magnets and the Z works in all locations on the table. It is weird however as I have used magnets in the past to hold things down with no issues. These were in a small area and maybe they still could be used after the Z is set.
Has anyone ran into this situation before?

Thank you for all the help!

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