MYJG100W external display

Anyone here have this external display for MYJG100W power supply ?

What is the role of the knob on the box ?
If i understand the “instructions” correctly, its for limiting current, or, if left all the way to the left (min) it only displays what supply supplies ?

How does this work in regards to ruida controlling power instead of the knob ?
There is a switch on psu that needs switched to the right for the display to work ?

I cant find any info or videos on this display/psu combo beyond what is on cloudray website…

The knob can be used to control the maximum amount of power the power supply delivers.
This can be useful when setting up the machine and you need to test different power levels.

You are correct, for the knob to work you need to set a switch on the power supply to accept the external knob as power level.

If this switch is set to the left, the RUIDA is in control. I mainly have this external display such that I do not need an analog meter anymore and of course it looks way cooler :wink:

I only need it for display, no point in using knob if controller is ruida.
How fast is the display updating ?

I have the digital display on my ZYE Power Supply (built on to the PSU / not remote from it), but I prefer and have an analog ammeter (in the box) waiting to install one day. The digital display is good enough for calibrating the trim pot using lines as that is a constant demand of amperage. The digital readout will not show any reading if scanning / engraving at high speed because the laser is being switched on and off too fast.

This isn’t really a concern because, as I said, I have calibrated the max allowable amperage. At this point an ammeter is more like a continuous monitoring / diagnostic tool. And in all honestly, even with an analog meter, you’d still want to evaluate your amperage using lines.

I think the best reason to go with an analog ammeter over the remote digital readout: the analog meter is much less cost.

EDIT: Oh wait. That digital readout is only $10. Hmmm. Nevermind about the cost factor. I had no idea they were that cheap.

Yep, mine is ZYE as well but without the display. I have external wired one in the box AND analogue ammeter as well, but going to put it in as i replace tube when this one burns out.

How does one calibrate this PSU ? At the moment i’m flying blind, but safely - i limited power to 80% in controller, as my psu is 100W but tube is 80W (sustained). Got (nearly) shafted by seller trying to pass 100W peak tube as 100W sustained. So at the moment trying to not overdrive tube by running slower and with less power. No idea what mA is my 100%.

Care to elaborate on calibration process, keeping in mind 80-100w tube differences ?

(Currently i have CDWG 80W sustained tube 1250mm, but have EFR 100w ~1400mm tube on standby)…

An analog meter also does not tell you much during engraving since it will bounce back and forth and is too slow to show current drops and spikes. And to be honest I do not see a reason why I would need to have precise readings while engraving. Like you say, we know our power levels, right?

Cost is indeed not a major factor. There are some super cheap analog meters in the eastern websites, but in my experience these are not good. A good analog meters costs more than this display. Disclosure: I only recently mounted the external display to the power supply so I cannot say much about its durability yet.

You can you start low and keep increasing power until you reach the allowed operating (!) current of your tube. I say operating current since tubes also have a max current and it is a bad idea to run it at max current all the time. You tube will last much shorter.

As a reference, here is a table containing RECI tube power limits.

i have one on my thunder laser. thunder does not “need” one because the LPSU’s are calibrated to the tubes but i do testing and support so i added it just because i like it. on mine, the current pot is disabled since no adjustment is necessary

This product may be what I need at our makerspace… Maybe someone can tell me if it’ll do what I need. I “think” it will, but not 100%.

We have a shared machine at our makerspace and want to limit the current to 30mA for our 130watt tube. We can set the default to max power rating %, but we have many that will accidentally (or ignorantly) make it higher so they can get their cut. Yes, it’s very frustrating.

If I get this LCD, plug it into our MYJG150W, set the switch to the right, I know the knob will set the power. But does that set the max power, or does it set a fixed power? In other words, I’d like to be able to set a max to 30mA, but I’d also like to be able to do lower power for engraving, etc.

Once tuned/set, we can leave it inside the locked cabinet of the machine so it can’t be adjusted.

Thanks in advance.

You can limit the max power in your controller.

If you have some techy guys which know how to change it in the controller, you can alter the values under manufacturer settings and protect it with a password.

This potentiometer sets a fixed power as far as I know, just like the old skool potentiometer knobs you see on a lot of commercial lasers.

if it really is this device, then the button on the display does nothing for you, it does not limit the power, it sets the power to a fixed value.

but there is a possibility to limit the power of the device, the small hole is a potentiometer.

I have one arriving tomorrow but wont be able to install it for another week or so, so will report when its in and running. The upside is (apart from only $10) is no electrical wiring necessary, just use a network cable to link the display to power supply. The knob to adjust max current works only with the 100-150 power supply models but should work great as just a display of power use for my new 80 watt

Thanks for the replies. I’ll research more about setting the max on controller. Though as I said before, I think when I set it (even with the password) it just sets the default, and an operator can change it. I need to lock that operator out somehow.

I saw that hole on my 150, and read on that (a little) but was hoping this product would be able to limit the max, not just set to a fixed value. Thanks.

Got mine installed and it works a treat, no Wiring necessary, just plug in the network cable it came with.

I have mine up and running too. Just plug it in and good to go :slight_smile:

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