Mysterious lines in picture

Hey guys. Hope you are all fine. Please excuse my my horrible english.

I have a little Problem with my laser engraved pictures. Sometimes the laser make some mysterious lines i had it in the past on some acrylic and now again on wood. It seems that it is only Effekt on one line where the laser Starts at the wrong point with engraving. Had somebody a same Problem and could help me with this? I processed this with a normal JPEG and dithering in lightburn

Hi all. I tried to fix my Problem wird Setting an other Resolution. I changed it from 0.1 to 0.088 cause the Original picture had 72dpi. I thought with a Clean number of lines (4x72dpi make a line Resolution of 0.088) will help. But now there is not only 1 line which is not in the correct position. Now there are seversl lines. Please see in the attachment. I hope someone can help me.

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