Mysterious red circle

G’day, just wondering if anyone knows what this red circle is for, and how it got there? It is not selectable or part of the layer.

Can you upload the .lbrn file for review?

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Very odd- I’d also like to see the .lbrn file.

this is the way.lbrn2 (65.7 KB)

Here is the file. I will note that I haven’t closed and re-opened the file or lightburn yet.

It doesn’t seem to be included in the .lbrn file.

This is then likely something dynamic on your system.

My first instincts when I saw this was that you had done a center finder operation but the circle doesn’t look quite correct. By chance did you do something like this?

Also, is it possible that this is not being drawn in LightBurn but is instead an overlay of some kind?

It is in lightburn, it scales and moves with the background grid. It is still visible when the layer is not shown. No, I didn’t do the circle finder.

So baffling. I guess I’ll just close and reopen and see if I ever get it to happen again. I just thought it might be some LB feature I didn’t know about.

If it is, I’m not familiar with what it might be. If it scales with the background grid it would definitely feel intentional so not sure.

Does it follow your mouse?
Are you on Win 7 or Win 10?

I’ve got a hunch about the Ease of access settings. I’ll fire up my old Windows 7 machine to see if they offer a red circle for the Magnifier.

something similar to this: Highlighter for Mac Free Download

Nah it is not the magnifier. I did check that.

It might have been a Print and Cut target position that was set accidentally. If it happens again, try going to ‘Laser Tools’ > ‘Print and Cut’ > ‘Reset Print and Cut’.

Mandalorian. No red circle here. But change Fill to Line and watch what happens at x5 speed in the preview. The circle might be related to that…

We have a winner…print and cut reset got rid of it :slight_smile: I’ve used print and cut before and not had that…weird. But thanks :slight_smile:


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