Need a camera that auto focuses for my Boss LS1630. Any camera suggestions?

Due to my laser having an adjustable laser bed rather than the head, It would definitely be much better to have a good quality camera that auto-focuses. My laser bed size is 16" x 30" (roughly 750mm x 400mm). Any camera suggestions for me? Thanks!

The top of the material never changes height if it’s at the focus point of the laser, which means manual focus is all that should be necessary. If it didn’t work that way, the current camera calibration system in LightBurn would fail - it requires that the distance from the camera to the material top be consistent.

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Ah, I see. Now that you’ve explained it, my original question seems dumb. Thanks for that😁. Now I guess as an additional question. Why is the 8mp camera you guys provide specifically best suited for bed sizes 1000mm and larger? Would it be counterintuitive to use it for my bed size?

It wouldn’t be counter intuitive to use, it just comes down to simple math. The 5mp camera has a native resolution of 2592 x 1944. If you stretched that across a 1000mm bed, you’d have a maximum of 2.6 image pixels per mm of bed. The absolute most precise you can get would be about 1/2.6th of a mm, and in practice it’s about 1/2 that.

The 8mp camera has a native resolution of 3840 x 2160, meaning you could get about 3.8 pixels of image per mm of bed, and more pixels per mm means better accuracy, all else being equal.

(point being, the 8mp camera would be overkill for a smaller machine)


I see. Thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated!

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