Need a more selective undo list

I have to say that including settings in the undo list is just too cumbersome.

System settings do not get listed. Why not?

Laser settings like speed and power are different from layer and graphic operations which need undoing.

Seems that after I make a bunch of adjustments to a bunch of layers and then need to go back to lets say separate stacked groups before I apply the changes then I have to undo all the way back to before I made changes to the cut settings. At least a second undo list for settings if you feel they somehow need to be undone. I am not going to undo these items but rather I will
I wouldn’t say anything about it but I run into this all too frequently.

You’re the first I’ve heard with this specific complaint. I consider things like interval setting, and whether something is a cut or fill to be fairly distinctive properties of the end result, so they’re included in the undo system.

System settings are more global, and don’t affect the design itself, so they’re not included. Why, for example, would you want to undo a change to the auto-save interval, or displayed units?

Create a post on for the exclusion of cut settings from the undo system, and if more people than just you want it, I’ll consider making that an option.

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