Need advice on a new laser

Hi all
Have anyone on this forum, or anybody forum users know purchased one of these lasers from ebay

If i can sell my laser im thinking of buying one but as usual im reluctant like most people to throw thousands of $$ China’s way.

That price is equivalent to $3500 American dollars. That’s a good price. Do your homework on the seller and try to pay with methods that you can get your money back by disputing if need be.

The list of equipment is ridiculously good so I’m a bit skeptical. It reads like a laundry list of the best stuff you can get on a generic Blue and White.

Just search the forum for 100 watt or blue and white.

These are not out of the box units, they need tinkering and due to shipping they can get damaged.

One problem I see is they say it comes with the CW3000 and then show the CW5200. Get it in writing.

100W is pushing a RECI W2 pretty hard, I have a W2 in my laser and consider it an 80W tube.
If is a genuine S&A 5000 chiller, that’s great. If it’s a 3000, it’s not big enough.
The setup seems like a good deal if the seller is reputable.

The only negative I saw was the side mounted laser pointer, easy enough to address someday if you care.

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