Need advice on camera please

Just a quick one, i just want to make sure I have things right for purchasing the camera , anyone know or can advise if the following camera would be suitable for me?

my bed to camera surface position is exactly 35 Inches and the helper in the software says this is suitable for 29inches but obviously, this is a minimum distance, would the 95 degree or the 110 be more suitable for a 900x600mm bed?

i have had the mount made by a friend which is this one: so hopefully this and the above camera are suitable for me,

I would love to get confirmation as its going to be travelling across the pond and i would rather not pay import fees twice :stuck_out_tongue:

(i have attached my mount, the machine pic and also what a phone camera sees from the cameras intended position)

Cheers guys

If the calculator says the 95 degree will work from 29 inches up, then that’s the one. The 110 degree would see much more from that height, and you’d be wasting camera image capturing the area around the laser.

Note - the 95 / 110 have been discontinued, and replaced with the 85 and 120, respectively. The lens angles are practically identical, and were rated slightly conservatively, so if the camera calc tool said to use the 95, then the new 85 will work. The physical size and shape are the same, and they have the same capture characteristics and quality, but the new lenses are slightly fisheye, not ‘non distorting’.

Great thanks, it’s 4am here so I will double check the apps recommended camera again when I get back to the studio and place an order asap it was more the degree info I was unsure about so I think the 85 will be the one


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