Need Advice on CUT settings for Ortur Laser Master

Hi. I’m new to the laser world and bought an Ortur Laser Master 2 20W. One of the main things I want to use it for is cutting through 3mm wood and smaller. I have tried for about a month with only a little success recently when I heard back from GearBest to move my medium to about 35mm from the laser. That helped a lot but I have only been able to cut through my 3mm pine plywood when doing about 25 passes. My settings are 600mm/sec, 100% power, ~33mm from the laser. I think I have found that I need to give the wood a chance to cool more before doing another round of passes. Can anyone help me understand how to do this better with my laser?

Below is a picture of some of my MANY attempts to figure this out.

Diods are not the best cutters, why not a K40 Co2? It cuts 3mm like Butter

These systems are not the best for cutting as @Andreas says, but the key is having a very well focused beam creating the smallest possible dot size and go slow. Most of the cuts you show are very out of focus. You are loosing / spreading a lot of the power when out of focus. Like cutting with a dull knife. “Sharpen” the focus and slow down…, give time for the laser to deposit that crisp power to achieve better cutting results.

Ok. I’ll try again. I’ll fewer passes at a much slower speed. Thanks. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Comme toi je débute et je rencontre les mêmes problèmes avec également ma Ortur 20W.
Aussi je suis intéressé par le résultat de tes prochains tests.
J’ai l’impression pour ma part que les premiers passage se font bien mais que cela devient compliqué lorsque trop de charbonnage se fait!
J’ai fais un test ce matin de coupe côté recto puis en retournant mon panneau pour lancer une nouvelle coupe identique au verso. C’était beaucoup mieux mais c’est pas évident de retrouver le bon positionnement!

Hi Aaron,

I too have an Ortur LM2 20w and was having a problem with cutting.
The main problem is that they are not a 20w laser, more like 5.5w output. I replaced the laser module with a true 10w Endurance laser module and added air assist and I can now cut with 2 passes at 100mm/min at full power. I hope this helps.

Hi Mick,
Can you tell us where to find the material you talk about
thank you so much


I got the Laser Module here :
They’re expensive enough but it can be added to your current setup. I got an air compressor off Amazon capable of doing 140ltrs/min.
When all is added up I probably could have got a half decent CO2 laser from China but I was a noob and am grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained by doing it the way I did.

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Hi, I have a similar problem.
ttoday the machine arrived (NEJE Master 2 Max 30W) and during testing I discovered a pretty big problem.
Through the mobile application NEJE Wirelles cut MDF 3 mm and through the software LightBurn no (100% performance)
the manufacturer states up to 5 mm per pass.
Could you give me an advice please?

It is nice to know I’m not the only one. :slight_smile: I am learning that the heat buildup is a big problem for me. Like you noticed with it burning your wood, I noticed the same. Some of my smaller, more intricate cuts were too close to other cuts and the wood was still hot so those areas were more likely to burn. My next goal is to go slower, do only a couple passes, and then have it move on. I am then putting my pattern in again another layer and having it start over. Here’s hoping that will work.

Would you be willing to tell me where you got the laser and about how much it cost you? I am also realizing that air assist may be necessary for my laser as well.

Mon laser à fini par ne plus couper du tout ni même graver! :sob:
Après pas mal d’échanges avec Gearbest, j’ai obtenu un remboursement partiel.
Du coup j’ai acheté une nouvelle tête 40 w que j’ai adapté sur ma ortur, grâce à un support réglable de l’axe z. J’ai du modifier le positionnement des capteur de fin de course.
Après cela mes premier tests m’ont permis de couper du contre plaqué de 5 mm en 3 passages V250 P100%.
J’en conclu qu’effectivement le laser d origine ortur n’est pas suffisamment performant et de qualité très moyenne!


I got Neje Master 2 Max 30w a week ago and have same problem with power as you.

In Lightburn 100% power is not same as 100% in Neje software, not even near that.

Have you find solution for that in Lightburn?

Vous pouvez mettre le lien d’achat laser 40w

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