Need explanation about stencil cut

I am trying to cut this stencil and the only image that won’t work is the fishing boat. It cuts it out in its’ entirety. I was expecting it to just the the outlines. Can someone explain the why? I can’t remove the outer line since that’s not the end result I want.

fishingcoastal.lbrn2 (487.2 KB)

Did you try grouping all the parts the fishing boat?

If you are unable to figure out the solution, consider to attach the .lbrn or .lbrn2 file for better analysis.

Just uploaded.

Yes in Affinity Designer and yes in Lightburn.

As stencils go, there has to be some means of connecting the various components to each other, to prevent a complete cut-out. I’m not sure how the other images work, as they also lack connectivity to each component.

The tab feature does not appear to be turned on, which excludes that method, although it may be the answer you seek.

Can you clarify your objective?

My objective is to have it cut the line only portion of the stencil so that when you use it as a stencil, it would be the part this is removed.

And thank you for pointing out the tab feature. I’ll test it out with that image.

The tab function didn’t work for this particular image.

The laser will faithfully cut the lines provided.
What is the intended use of the stencil?

Depending on the desired outcome, making two or more stencils, one of the outline and one (or more) stencils of the inside holes may give you what you’re looking for.

To make a one-shot stencil with the boat graphic, you may want to consider erasing parts of the thick lines in your image editing software before tracing. This would force the trace to make thin closed loops like a line-art stencil.

Offsetting the outside shape is another option here - that would effectively negative the stencil, but you would need to be creative with tabs, same as before.

I’m going to try the same thing with this file. Do I just need to delete the outstide line area?
wreath.lbrn2 (248.6 KB)

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