Need for Guides (Snap To as well)

You need to consider GUIDES and a better measuring tool. I was surprised when I learned this was not a part of Lightburn. I use ASPIRE for my CNC. It is really good. Take some lessons from ASPIRE.

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Thank you for the kind words and pleasant tone.

We are flattered that you are comparing our $40-80 piece of software to a $2,000 piece of software.

We added a dedicated measuring tool in recent releases of LightBurn. Have you checked that out yet?


You can set guidelines or guide shapes, on any layer. You can place these guides on the tools layers to help as well. Like all shapes in LightBurn, you can lock these guides in place, set the layer they are on to not output (Tools Layers do not output ever - kinda the point of having tools layers - a place for your jig shapes, guides and other tools that help with placement and setup. :wink:), so you have options for using “guides” already. We think this is better. This approach allows significantly more flexibility as to what constitutes a guide. Providing this flexibility requires the ability to ‘draw’ these guide shapes, not just pull a line from the ruler as other software guidelines are implemented. :slight_smile:


“Snap To as well”?

We do offer snapping behavior: Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation

More here: Snapping

and: Node Editing - LightBurn Software Documentation

And this shows how the cursor changes to show which snap behavior is available: Tips and Tricks - LightBurn Software Documentation

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