Need free Art Library files- not individual files

Hi All,
I’m teaching a class and would like to upload general art libraries to their computers. It is a pain to find images one by one. Anyone have a library file they would be willing to share? I would even be willing to pay for a library!

I’m thinking a folder for a bunch of just designs, then animals, ect. Something they could just drag and drop onto their projects. Also, it’s hard to tell what images are able to cut through without pieces falling out and which are better for engraving. I am trying to create two different ones so the kids do not get confused.


In general, one can consider the library feature of LightBurn to be something that supports individual user’s tastes. It would not follow any particular “standard” unless the creators provide that reference. As such, you’re not likely to run into any particularly voluminous collection of images that match your requirements.

The portion of your post regarding engraving versus cutting has to be addressed on a per-image basis. I have many images (in my files, not libraries) that I use in both modes, depending on the objective.

If you have students or younglings to instruct in the fine art of laser cutting, such determination could be part of the curriculum. Making assessments for a specific job is a learning experience and is very much not a “plug and play” type of action.

Making a mistake is part of gaining experience, although there is a requirement for one to learn from the error, otherwise it’s simply a failure.

The above is merely an opinion and does not necessarily represent an official response from the owners of the forum, nor the developers of the software, although it might, to some degree.


Widely held opinion… :wink:

Plug and Pray isn’t the way.

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