Need help configuring lightburn

Hello, i’m in the middle of my lightburn trial, and while i am enjoying the software and considering to buy it something is off, i assume this problem can only be something i’m doing wrong in lightburn configuration since it works fine on rdworks.


My rdworks settings are like this
(new user can’t upload more images) but i have the same thing as in lightburn, with the scanning reverse compensation 500mm/s at 0.150

And this is my lighburn settings

What am i doing wrong?

You’ve put the adjustment in “Initial offset”. I assume you want that in “Line Shift”.

However, it was my understanding that you needed two entries for Scanning Offset Adjustment to take effect at all so curious about that.

I might have place it in the wrong place, this is how i have it in rdworks

Names are not the same, so i’m a bit lost.

Yes, place into “Line Shift” instead of “Initial Offset”.

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