Need help connecting with Mac

Ok first I apologize in advance for the inability to find the answer… I’ve found bits and pieces but I want to see the best way to set up…

I purchased a Ruida controlled 60 watt red/black laser (eBay) which I want to use lightburn on a Mac with os 10.12 Sierra… my options are usb and Ethernet. Both I’ve tried and it doesn’t see my laser… I’ve read the various issues on usb vs Ethernet and want to ask a few questions before I forge ahead…

I first tried the usb (both spots) and it doesn’t see the printer. I tried a manual add and it still won’t communicate. I downloaded a driver that was listed in another post and rebooted and no luck (manually either). I see the post about going in and disabling one of the drivers (super user) but before i do that I want to see if I’m missing anything else or if Ethernet us a better route…

Skip to method 2… Ethernet. I tried connecting both automatically and manually with no success. I read the post about the IP address where you change the IP address to a different last number. The original is address was on laser… address on computer is… I changed the laser up address to… tried to readd the laser manually putting in the new 208 is address and no luck. I saw one sentence in a post where it says that there should be a router between the Mac and laser. Is this the case. The laptop is connected to WiFi wirelessly, but didn’t know if i had to have my wireless router between. It’s currently about 30-40 feet in another area of my shop… let me add this. I’m not a computer whiz. I can fumble around but not really in depth…

Just looking for thoughts on which way to pursue and if I’m missing something

If you power cycle the Mac the USB will likely work. The chip Ruida uses for USB on the Mac has a driver, and that driver conflicts with the one that Apple supplies that tries to also talk to that chip. They fight.

If that works, the hardware is ok, and then it’s likely just an issue of setting up properly. For the IP version, make sure you create a device manually in LightBurn, set it to Ethernet, and set the IP address to the same thing as the laser. You’ll have to run a network cable from the laser controller to the router - it’s not wireless.

I rebooted machine after I installed the driver at

And it didn’t see the laser in either USB port.

I will try running a cable from router to laser. Is it ok to run the 30-40 feet i would need to get there?

If not do I need to do the disable of the usb ftdi trick found on superusers website

The Ethernet cord should be fine - they’re good for up to 100m I believe.

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