Need help editing a file for laser cutting

Hello, hopefully this is the right spot for this. I got some great help on a Bigfoot svg I was editing and tried that technique with this one, but Im stuck.

I have a dice svg that my wife wants cut so she can hang them on a bunco necklace. She edited the SVG on her Silhouette software and sent it to me to cut. I didnt realize it, but in the original when all the lines cut through it ended cutting all the dice out vs one piece like she intended. I tried editing the nodes but I just cannot get it to work.

In the attachment the green is layer I have set to cut. The blue engrave. I would like all the holes cut out with the dice corners on the inside engraved. I think that is the only way it will work and keep it all together. if you zoom in on the half holes, you will see where I tried to edit the nodes to complete the holes, but that is only on the extension of the holes that I added. I cannot figure out how to complete those half holes so that they are separate from the blue engraved layer. Also, trying to extend the holes into a smooth line was pretty difficult for me.

There is probably a quicker, easier way than what I am trying to do and I hope I am explaining it correctly. I am attaching a screenshot of the project and the actual lightburn project file.
moddeddice.lbrn2 (62.1 KB)


Part of the failure is that the > shape in the upper die is open. If you zoom into the top end point, you’ll see that it’s more of a cap than a closure. There’s an extra node in there as well. Clear away the extra node (hover over it, press D while in node editor) and drag the open ends together until the whole shape crawls.

The attached file is a partial repair and configuration change. More layers were needed to keep the desired shapes separated for your objective. The file contains “line and fill” for the outer and inner lines, but that’s probably not correct, as it will again cut out the parts you want to keep. The tricky part is the interlaced sections of the dice, but maybe my modifications will help steer you in the right direction. Maybe not.
partly fixed moddeddice.lbrn (76.7 KB)

Thank you very much. I see the open part in the > now. I think the work you did will help me get going in the right direction.

I am finding the node editor is a powerful tool in lightburn. I just went end edited those nodes on another version of the dice that I had to practice on. It worked great. Something I certainly need to learn more about.

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