Need help finding what to buy

Hello I’m interested in buying the camera and software but I don’t know what to get I have a red and black 100 watts china laser I don’t even know what it’s called the cut area I think is 20 in by 24 in can you help me I have a old window xp connected right now because the software was only for windows…I also have my newer macbook pro I can use for the program if it’s mac friendly

WindowsXP? Almost 20 years old at this point. No, LightBurn does not support XP. Yes, LightBurn provides native support for Mac OSX, (modern)Windows with both 32bit and 64bit versions and Linux.

The name of the laser manufacture is not important. The key is the controller that runs your laser as that is what will determine compatibility. What software came with your setup?

In regard to your note about which camera, you indicate you have a 7050 in your sig. That could mean the common 700x500 like I have. These threads will be helpful learning about which LB camera options are appropriate:

What is the name of the software that currently runs your laser? That will tell us what type of controller it uses, and if it’s compatible with LightBurn.

Rdworks v8 the disk that was sent had alot of programs on it but I only had a old windows computer so I tried this one and it works

If it’s RDWorks then you have a Ruida controller. I would suggest downloading the latest version of LightBurn and giving it a try, just to make sure, before you purchase anything. The trial is free for 30 days.

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Ok thanks and how would I figure out which camera

Using the “Search” :wink: of this forum (upper-right on page) I typed “Best camera choice” and got this.

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