Which Camera to use?

I have the exact laser as (lightburn oz)

Which camera should I be purchasing from laserburn ??? Would it be 1/8 cam???

2.7 for the 160 degree lens
1.8 for the 140 degree lens
1.5 for the 120 degree lens
1.4 for the 90 or 80 degree lens
0.825 for the 60 degree lens

So, for example, for my 700 x 500 mm laser, using the 140 degree lens I would divide 700 by 1.8, giving me 389 mm above the bed, minimum, to see the whole thing.

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Have a look at this:

You can also search for additional “camera” post to help you decide.

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For a 700mm bed, the 160 degree lens needs to be a minimum of 700 / 2.7 mm above the bed, or about 260mm, to see the whole bed. Remember there will always be a bit of image loss due to the processing that happens, so leave a little extra space. I have a 700x500 red/black, and with the lid up, the 140 degree camera works very well.

Also helpful read:

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Oh ok, I understand now…the degree of lens is different depending on the height the camera will be mounted!

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This is a common question for a very commonly used laser. This thread is a good read with excellent example pictures toward the end of the thread:


As I posted above. :wink:

Those are very useful photos. I have a red/black clone (I think) with the 700x500 bed and the 120 looks great despite the fuzzyness. A good reference. I had been waiting for the 90 degree lens to be available, but these photos make me wonder if it would have been too tight to be useful.

I was thinking a 120 too, but after the subsequent posts by Oz, he convinced me their 140 was going to be the best compromise.

I am still in search of downloadable camera holder/mount designs while I wait for my 140 to arrive. I would like to get mine built while I wait.

Well I have finally decided to order the camera, I have a red and black 700x500, the distance from my bed to the lid is 25 inches or 635mm. I am guess the 140 degree one is the best option for me as well. But one question I have, that I haven’t seen asked. Does this have anything to do how high or low you have your bed set to? Just something I wondered…

So the 140 is the best option for the red and black 700 x 500 mounted inside the lid?

No, as long as the top of the material is set to the same distance from the laser head - that’s the important part. If you were to change lenses to a longer / shorter focal length you’d need to re-do the camera alignment part (but not the lens part).

And yes, if you have a red/black 700x500, the 140 is probably the best option. The 120 is a little close.

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Good deal… I just wondered about the need part. I’ll order the 140…