Need Help Installing Cloudray Ultimate Air Assist

I just completed setting up my cloudray ultimate air assist using MW Laser 's youtube video and diagrams. Luckily there is no magic smoke but when I flip the switch the pump doesn’t turn on. Flipping the switch does turn on/off the solenoid and relay (green lights turn on both). I connected everything as said in the video and per the diagram so I’m kinda lost at this point. I’ve spent many hours trying to figure this out to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Youtube Video I followed.

In the schematic, there are flash-back or flyback diodes across the relay coils. I see that you’ve installed it and it looks correct. These have an interesting down-side. When they’re installed backwards they’re almost a short circuit.

Put a DC volt meter on the DC power supply (Between 24V and Ground) and see if the 24V supply is current-limiting and if the voltage drops to 0.7 ish volts. That would indicate that the diode (or relay coil) is receiving power backwards. Its rare that the markings on the case are printed backwards. They also rarely fail in the short-circuit mode but if it never happened circuit boards wouldn’t get burnt there.

Repeat this test at this terminal at the controller (between 24V and Ground) and confirm that the 24V is steady and doesn’t drop.

Omitting that diode allows a magnetically induced negative voltage spike, created by the collapse of the magnetic field of the relay coil, to enter and possibly damage the controller. When the flyback diode is installed correctly they are practically undetectable. The diode shorts the negative voltage spike and prevents controller damage.

There may already be a diode in the controller but it’s anybody’s guess.

More reading here if it’s of further interest.

The next tests are with the volt meter between the Wind position and ground and the Status position to ground. The Wind and Status pins should ‘Float’ so you should see pull-up voltage with a typical high impedance meter. They should also ‘go to zero’ when the switch is closed.