Need help laser dont stop cutting

I`ve come up with a problem when the laser starts to run it cut straight away and
don’t stop till it finnish cutting all the pathway i ask someone who sell laser thay
came up with a pszu damp or covered or the board was crowdid i changed the pszu out
for a new one still getting problems ? please can you help
Got laser in august 2020 through amazon a VEVOR 50W Laser
Engraver 300x500mm Laser Engraving Cutting Machine CO2 Laser Engraver USB Interface for DIY Engraving

Hey Dan.

Isn’t the idea to cut straight away, and not stop until the end? You should have a button on your machine for that, if you want to inspect your work.

I’m not sure what the problem is.

I think his issue is that it is burning the traversal moves. If that is the problem, it is most likely that he needs to set $32=1 using the console.

it keeps cutting beteen letters dont stop it cut the tracks

I dont know why But my console dont light in light burn can`t see how to get it to
work thanks for your help.

If it’s a Ruida or TopWisdom controller, you don’t have a console because your machine doesn’t accept GCode commands. That said, if you have a DSP controller in a CO2 laser, and it’s just on all the time from the moment you hit start, that’s usually a bad high-voltage power supply that needs replacing.

thanks for info needed to upgrade power pack work fine now thanks.

I dont want to hijack Dan’s post but, I’m having the same problem. I have a onefinity controller and a j tech 7 W laser. where and how would I enter the $32=1?

@Sgmeddie, you should start a new post and not jump in with an unrelated issue. It will get missed, or you might get the wrong answers to the issues you are having. Take a look at the beginning of this post.

Sorry Ed mine turned out I needed to up grade power
Pack from a 50watt to a100watt power pack
It sorted my problem work fine now
You,s dan.

A OneFinity controller is not likely to be running GRBL firmware, so the $32 setting won’t likely exist. Their controller is on our list to natively support.

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