Need help on Boolean Subtract

New here, watched videos, searched, still confused.
I created a array of rectangles then grouped them together then placed a circle on the rectangles. Selecting the rectangles then the circle and hitting subtract I was hoping to create a HOLE in the rectangles. No luck.
Subtract - gives me this
Obviously I am doing something wrong.
Thanks in advance.

Technically you’re not doing anything wrong, but I think the fact that all the rectangles are sharing edges is confusing the boolean code. If you split it into two groups of rectangles that are not touching, it works:


In the above image I’ve just moved them apart to show how I did it, but they were just a grid array, like you started with, and I selected alternate rows and grouped them all. Then I duplicated the circle, and subtracted one circle from the “even” group, and the other circle from the “odd” group, and then pulled them apart to show the result.

Thanks, works great, the software IS THE best value for the money.
The only thing that could make it better is if it could read my mind. :grinning:

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Think that’s in the next update :wink:

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