Need help setting min power

I am able to set max power but min power is grayed out, any suggestions on how to set it so I can adjust min power?

Your profile says you have a GRBL controller. It does not support the Min Power setting for anything but engraving images using the grayscale setting. Previously the control was shown, but the setting was never used for anything.

The Min Power setting is only used on DSP controllers for CO2 lasers.

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That is a negative. I recently moved light burn to a different laptop. I was able to set minimum power on the old lap top, itis the newone I am having problems with.

as @LightBurn Oz told… in previous versions was enabled in GRBL but NOT used for anything but images in greyscale

You could set it, but since GCode devices have no way to use this value it was never used by your hardware.