Need help setting up a modlaser 3050h, for lightburn

Just got it, not sure where to start

I can’t find a single search result online for it, have no idea whether it’s a CO2 or diode laser, which controller it uses, or anything else really, so without a few more details I’m not sure where to start either. :slight_smile:

This is it. Also, i just upgraded to the dsp version, it still said i was expired, so i renewed, but im still locked out of lightburn.

Everything has been processed now so you should be set. If that’s got a Ruida in it, it should be plug & play. Follow along here:

You might need to re-install LightBurn and install the FTDI driver on the last page of the installer.

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Love lightburn, once i updated and set it up, its good to go. Was worried, as i always am, with chinese controllers. Good stuff.

Ruida is pretty solid, and it was the first controller family supported by LightBurn.

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