Need help setting up rotary

I have the cohesion 3d mini board and trying to set up the rotary using light burn. I went under the tab and enabled the rotary and plugged it straight into the a axis.
I pushed the a axis button and it will not rotate. X and y would move when the button to move them was pushed. I was able to plug the rotary into the y axis and it would move.

Is there something i am missing, firmware update to cohesion board another setting in the laserburn?

I would ask for help on this on the C3D forum.

  • Depending on which firmware you’re running, you might need to update it to a 4 axis version (GRBL)

  • You’ll need to adjust the steps per degree setting for the A axis in the firmware config. (Machine Settings if it’s GRBL, config.txt file on the SD card if it’s Smoothieware)

  • You might need to configure maximum speed and acceleration for the A axis as well

  • Once those are done and you’re getting proper movement from it, then you do the actual rotary setup.

Thank you I asked over there but nothing has been answered yet.

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