Need Help to cut a piece of .25 inch thick clear Plexiglass

I am building a Birthday gift for my wife and I need someone who can use my lightburn file to cut a .25" clear plexiglass. I can provide Plexiglas and extra pieces for mistakes. willing to pay. I live in San diego, but can ship
clearPlex.lbrn2 (237.7 KB)

Are you just looking to get the outer shape of the file cut? I can help, depending on the timeline, as I’m traveling some next week. Have you found someone to do this? I’m located in Montana.

Good Friday morning from San Diego. I am currently working with a local, but your response is greatly appreciated. I am a newbie here and just getting the “Hang” of things

Glad to hear you found someone. Just wanted to ensure that you could get your project done.