Need Help with 1st Photo attempt

So this is my 1st attempt at a photo and its not horrible, but I am not sure what I should adjust to fix it. It is on a oak board using yora 6550. Settings are Speed 200in/min power 75 DPI 500.

Any suggestions?

Might need to go a bit slower (you’re about 85mm/sec, and 50 is more common for a diode, or about 145in/min). 500 DPI is not realistic - Start with 254 (the default) and you might be able to creep up to 350, but there’s no way you’re getting 500 without special lenses.

I’m not an expert at photo engraving by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve spent just about this entire week working with it. I suppose my main comment is that oak may not be a very good wood to engrave on. As you can see, the grain has very hard areas that react less to the heat of the laser than other areas. I would practice on more uniform wood like common baltic birch ply you can get all over the place on Amazon or at some of the big box stores. You can also look at different formulas of stuff people spray on wood to make it more reactive to heat for better detail (water and baking soda). Check out YouTube.

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