Need help with 60x40 ruida vendor settings

Guys, I just reset my laser but cant get it to work properly. Can someone provide me with the vendor and user settings of his 600x400 mm chinese laser ? I have the blue and white version with Ruida controller. Any help will be appreciated

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Not sure what model Ruida controller you have installed on your machine but here is a great link to give you access to many controller manuals. Look under Ruida

The most common Ruida controller is the RDC6442G/S

Here is a direct link to that manual RDC6442

The manuals are pretty detailed and the Chinglish translation is not too bad

Here is a listing on Alibaba for a 600x400



“Can’t get it to work properly” is pretty generic. Is there a specific issue you’re having with the machine?

For example:

  • My machine doesn’t home correctly when I power it up
  • My machine isn’t found when I try to connect with the software
  • My machine is blowing bubbles instead of emitting laser beams

If you can be more specific, you’ll get better help.

Also, when you say you just reset your laser, do you mean you pushed the reset button, or you just reset it to factory settings? (you should never do that - ‘factory’ is Ruida, not the company that made your machine and changed all the factory settings to match the hardware they installed)

Hello and thank you. I reset to factory settings because everything was out of control.
I played with the vendor and user settings but I cant get the machine to home properly.
I almost got the steplength right but like 90 % right because I have to manually write it, because when I write the actual size of the 100x100 mm cut parameters doesnt change.
Im just hoping for someone to copy/paste vendor and user settings for his machine 600x400 so I can finish my order.

I cannot help you with settings for this specific machine, but one tip I can give you is to make backups of your settings before starting to tweak. As far as I know - and correct me if I am wrong - you cannot do this with lightburn. I use RDWorks for that.

What is happening? Binding? Limit switches not detected? Wrong corner?

No idea what you mean by manually write it, but if you are having trouble calculating it, you can use a online calculator or use the built in one in RDWorks.

If you’re looking for vendor settings for a particular Ruida based machine, you might go ask around at the RDWorks forum. There is an archive of machine settings there, dunno if your is there or not.

Post a detailed message asking for help.

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