Need help with a project - what are your thoughts 3x2 foot photo engraving

Hi Guys,
I have been using LB since it first came out, but I have remained relatively on the beginner side of things, only using the basic features in my business.

Now my wife would like me to attempt something I am not well versed in

a 3x2 foot photo engraving on a home depot picnic table top… uhhhh khakis?

I am attaching the image she wants. it’s her business logo for her K9 Equipment company (she owns it)

What are your thoughts on how to tackle this and make a success the first go around?

I have a Black and red Pizza oven with a 100 reci tube ruida dsp, 35psi compressed dry air feed with a 5200 chiller…

aside from the feat of fitting his thing through the pass through, which is not the issue…
how do I make this look good?

Well, what size logo will you be engraving on the picnic table top, and what type of material is the table, I assume it is natural wood, and most likely pine? The background of the logo is black, so your engraving will be a square, and the contrast between the dog bite and background will be the concern. I would get some similar material and practice on it. Does she want a 3’x2’ logo on the table? Let us know the specifics.

I have been playing with a few samples yesterday.
Yes she wants the dog bite logo on the table, the size of the logo will be 3x2.

So, I experimented with a black painted background (i will spray the real one), and then simply removing the paint… came out great.
here is a pic of my last attempt

That looks really good, she should be pleased with your work!

You removed the paint? By using a low power mode? What an idea!

Thank you, I did the same with glass etching, came out great!

Aah yes, kind of like when you etch coated metals! Gonna try it out soon