Need help with activation

I got an extension because my previous laser didn’t work with lightburn. Now that I have my new laser in, I’m trying to get the extension to activate on my laptop in the shop, but it won’t work. I thought you were allowed 2 pcs? How can I get the laptop to accept the extension? Thanks in advance

Sorry, but extension? I am not certain that I am following…

Are you talking about a Trial extension, or have you purchased LightBurn? The standard License provides 2 seats, yes, but you may have inadvertently allocated both already. No worries, as this can be corrected with a bit more help from you.

Looking into our systems, using the email and name used in this forum, I do not find you. Did you purchase from one of our resellers by chance?

Either way, write, provide your key, and we can assist you further there. We want to avoid exposing personal information here in public. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. I was trying to use the trial extension on the ;laptop but went ahead and purchased it today anyway…Fingers crossed…

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