Need help with doing a cut on wood

Hi there, I am Brand new to LightBurn but have watched videos and am slowly getting the hang of it!
I am trying to do my first cut on my new TTP 100 watt laser.
I want to cut the black and score the red wording … the green is a frame of the size of the board I want to cut on which is a bit smaller than my bed size. The video I watched showed how to do it but when I send it to my laser and click the frame to see the area it will cut the beam goes off my board and really no where near where it is supposed to.

I am new to light burn and was wondering if anyone could tell me what I am doing wrong?
Thank you so much!

Is there a special reason why you do not use absolute coordinates? As it looks on your picture, there should be no problem.

When I change to absolute coordinates the green dot goes to the top right corner of my bed size so will that not mean it will try to cut off the actual size of the board I have in my bed?

I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean, but try to set it to absolute coordinates and see how your preview window shows the workflow. If the green frame is only an orientation frame I will put it on layer T1 or T2. Group everything and set to start from the top right if it’s your 00:00
Another thing that catches my eye is the speed of the red layer, can your machine run so fast?

Anything within the black frame (your machine bed with the dimensions you specified in the machine setup) will be engraved or cut. You will typically move your material to the right corner and customize your design there to save on material. (… if you use absolute coordinates)
Always use the preview window to check if everything is as expected.

Ok got it to cut and score using the absolute coordinates … I am not sure how the settings got that high UGH like I said a am a total newbie so I likely clicked something I wasnt supposed to.
So I tried again and the scoring worked with the first setting for the scoring but the black lines did not cut thru they basically just did slightly more than a score… so I changed the setting to like the other attached photo and this time the score did nothing and the cut was pretty much the same just a darker score UGH I almost feel like giving up I have watched so many videos and think I can do it and then nope doesnt work!

Do not give up!
What kind of material do you want to cut?
With a 100 Watt machine you should be able to cut almost anything :wink:
You say you are very new to all that with laser, therefore I will allow myself to recommend some very basic things. Check your mirrors and lens if they are clean, find out if your laser beam is in the center of all 3 mirrors and that your nozzle is in a vertical at a 90 degree angle (do a nozzle test where you raise and lower the table and compare about the test shots are 100% above each other). And finally, make sure your material is flat on your machine bed and you have the same correct focus over everything on the bed.

Your speed settings are way too fast to cut anything properly, besides paper maybe :wink:
In my opinion, the choice of Inches is a bit unfortunate because it is too rough to be able to adjust the speeds, or the distances for this reason. But it is of course difficult to use a different measuring system than the one you are used to using.
… Start with 10% of your 18.17 in/s to begin with, that equates to 45.7 mm / s and is still a very nice speed to cut with. Just for example, I cut with my 60 Watt machine with 10mm / s and 45% (11mA) 6.2mm MDF. This corresponds to 0.39 in / s
It is a good idea to do material tests of everything you work with, use it to fill your material library with and make physical examples to be able to visualize the quality.

These conversions can be tricky but I believe these numbers are incorrect.
18.17 in/s = 461.52mm/s

These numbers would be insanely high. Which goes to show the current values are even more insane.

Can I suggest 0.5 in/s or thereabouts?

… therefore my example with 0.39 in / s,

I did not even calculate it, only used Cathy`s values and changed it internally to mm / s in LightBurn.
Have I seen wrong or made a mistake ?

Ah, I see. Sorry. I misinterpreted what you were saying. I thought that you were suggesting to “start with 18.17 in/s” and saw that the conversion itself was off. Thought you might have used the incorrect conversion to inform the recommendation.

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