Need help with laser position

I have a chinese laser, 16" x 24" bedsize. I put in the cohesion3d control board.

I seem to struggle with the work area.

I placed 2 squares, side by side. I tried to cut one. See picture 1. The laser pointer stayed on the square after the cut. Then I selected the other square next to it to cut, and the laser started went in another direction. See picture 2.

Look at picture 3, this is where the laser pointer goes when I click on go to origin. It doesn’t go all the way to the bottom corner.

What am I doing wrong?




The C3D ships with the laser size defaulted to match the K40 (300mm x 200mm). If your laser isn’t that, you’d need to edit the config file to set the proper size. The size in LightBurn is just set to match - it doesn’t actually change the behavior of the laser.

The C3D also has acceleration and motor current values set appropriate for the K40 (and a little conservative for my tastes). You will likely need to edit those too. Either the incorrect size or the acceleration & current settings caused the Y axis to skip, and that would be why the two squares aren’t lined up properly.

C3D has information for tuning this in their knowledge base. Go here:

… and read through these:

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You’re the best! thank you so much!!

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